Best way to remove on old security system

We bought our house in August, and it came with a disconnected system. Moose Z1100. None of the sensors are still attached, but there are two wall-mounted keypads, an alarm siren, a motherboard, and a large secured electrical box in the basement with all the lines leading to it. My concern is, can I simply cut the wires and remove the electrical box from the wall, or do I need to have it professionally removed? There is no identification on the breaker box, so I am not sure whether it is even active.

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The most effective technique to uninstall an outdated security system Analyze the Alarm’s Elements evaluate which alarm components need to be removed, then contact your alarm company to report the issue in order to prevent false alarms. You can also choose to disable the alarm by putting it in maintenance mode. In order to prevent injuries, you can disconnect the security sirens, remove the outdated control panel, and once more disconnect the power supply.

Security systems like this probably were wired with CAT3 and in the era of wifi / bluetooth are pretty useless for modern security system upgrades. I concur you should get rid of it. Ensure power supply is unplugged then remove the 4 screws holding the security system box. Cut the wire bundle and shove into the wall. Mud that wall hole and voila no more issues.

For the alarm speaket and the controller in the laundry room cut and repeat.