Best smart smoke detector

Any suggestions? Thanks y’all.


I gave up trying to locate a good all-in-one smart smoke detector that didn’t cost a subscription. Ultimately, I decided to use a vintage Kidde hardwired detector in conjunction with a dry contact input zwave relay module. This allows me to have remote control and real-time status updates, and it links with my Home Assistant server with ease.

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I’d recommend the Nest Protect, which I also use, because it is equipped with an alarm with a loud siren, self-check functionality, and a 10-year battery life. It can’t integrate with the Google Home app, but it’s reliable

Right now, I’d recommend the Nest Protect with the Starling Hub as the best option. The Nest Protect is excellent as a smoke and CO detector, and the Starling Hub makes it work seamlessly with HomeKit. You could also use Homebridge, but I find the Starling Hub more reliable for smoke detectors.