Best outdoor motion sensor

I’m searching for an outdoor motion sensor that reliably triggers my house alarm without false alarms. The Yolink sensor I tried triggers faults every three nights, which is too frequent for my needs. My Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 sets the standard with no false alarms or animal triggers. Can anyone recommend a motion sensor with similar accuracy? Or should I invest in another Ring outdoor camera to serve as a motion sensor? False alarms mean disrupting my sleep and my neighbors.

Optex is known for making some of the best outdoor motion sensors out there. They have a reputation for quality and reliability that is hard to beat. Many people in the industry, including myself, would say their products are top-notch because they consistently deliver great performance. Whether it’s for security systems or other uses, Optex sensors stand out for their accuracy and durability. I’ve used their products myself, and I can confidently say they really know what they’re doing when it comes to outdoor motion detection.

I recommend the Ring Outdoor Motion Sensor. It has a high compatibility with your existing Ring ecosystem and has customizable settings to reduce false alarms.

A smart light with a separate motion sensor is an option. I fixed my porch light at a previous property in the same way.
It was a motion-sensor-equipped Hue lightbulb. To ensure that it wouldn’t interfere with night vision, I even configured it to turn red if it was after 10 p.m.
However, I would only advise this if you are already a part of the Hue ecosystem. If not, it’s really pricey and there are undoubtedly less expensive choices.