Best Outdoor motion detector

What is a good outdoor motion sensor, with lights, to get for a beginner?

I’m starting to get into Home Automation slowly. Right now, I’m thinking about getting the Smart Things V2 hub when it’s available.

In my driveway, I have regular floodlights with a motion sensor, but they’re old and don’t connect to anything. They stopped working recently, so I want to replace them. I thought this could be my first connected device.

But I can’t find a device that has both motion sensors and floodlights together. Do such devices exist? If not, can I buy a motion sensor and floodlights separately and put them up next to each other?

This is for outdoors, in my driveway where there’s no roof. I’m thinking of using Z-wave technology, but I’ve heard a good hub can work with different types of technology, so maybe it doesn’t matter which one I choose?

Thanks for your help.

Check out the Optex RLS 2020. You didn’t say anything about price, so there ya go. Lol

I have been using this one for some time and it has not disappointed me. About price, it’s up to you now;

I choose The LEONLITE LED Motion Sensor Flood Light. It provides numerous features, and straightforward installation, all at an affordable price point. It suits a variety of scenarios, despite its somewhat lacking design aesthetics.

The LEONLITE LED Motion Sensor Flood Light is our top pick from the list of approved models, offering exceptional performance and reliability.