Best home security system

Just bought my first home, brand new build. The house is pre-wired but I’m open to wireless systems. Main questions are:

  1. What wired systems are best?
  2. Pros and cons of wired and wireless systems
  3. Is one better than the other?

Appreciate the suggestions :slight_smile:


Reliability: Wired systems typically offer a more stable connection compared to wireless systems, as they are not susceptible to interference from other devices or signal disruptions.


Potential Damage: Wiring can be vulnerable to damage during construction or renovations, requiring repairs or replacements.

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Signal Interference: Wireless systems may experience signal interference from other devices or environmental factors, leading to potential reliability issues.

ADT any day. They are established. They provide professional installation and monitoring, ensuring your home is always being watched over, which can give you peace of mind. Their equipment is top-notch and includes features such as security cameras, video doorbells, and smart home integration. However, ADT’s services can be quite expensive.

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