Best home automation ecosystem?

We are building a new house and I’m looking to set up a decent smart home automation system. My current home has a mix of Smart Life and Nexlux light switches, MyQ garage door openers, and Google Home items.

I am a big fan of Google, so I’m considering Nest thermostats, speakers, and security cameras. However, I’m unsure about which light switches to choose.

I have heard of Aqara, which uses a hub that connects to WiFi and then uses radio frequency to link various smart devices like moisture sensors and light switches. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there a specific brand or ecosystem you’d recommend, or is it okay to use multiple ecosystems in one house?

Sticking with Nest light switches would be the easiest option if you value ease and using Google Assistant. Your other Nest gadgets will work flawlessly with them.

But! Aqara might be a terrific option if you don’t mind using a different app and would like access to a larger selection of smart home products, such as Aqara moisture sensors. Just make sure Google Assistant compatibility is confirmed.

I don’t see why not and I haven’t had any issues with, my Aqara products. I have 5 of their cameras, door sensors, and plugs and I haven’t had any issues with them. I’m about to go all in with their security system when my Vivint contract ends later this year