Best floodlight camera

After a recent break-in scare, I’m determined to enhance my home security with a floodlight camera. Can anyone recommend the best floodlight camera on the market? I’m looking for one with high-resolution video, motion detection, and reliable night vision. Additionally, I’m interested in hearing about any additional features, ease of installation, and overall user experience. Your input could make a significant difference in safeguarding my home.

Eufy is currently beta-testing a new 3K floodlight featuring a hybrid dual-lens setup, motion tracking, adjustable color and brightness, and 24/7 recording. I believe it will be the most feature-rich floodlight available on the market.

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For homeowners, combining a floodlight with a camera in a single device truly offers an ideal setup.
Security cameras effectively deter crime, while smart lighting genuinely helps deter potential intruders.

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The best floodlight camera for you will depend on your individual needs and budget. Consider the factors that are most important to you, such as video quality, field of view, smart home compatibility, and price, before making a decision.