Battery operated outdoor security camera

Hi everyone, A cloud-based security camera subscription is not something I am interested in. I bought two Geeni Freebird cameras with MicroSD card slots, but I am not sure how to set them up to record to the cards all the time. These cameras run on batteries, which can be recharged and last up to three months. I have noticed a lot of cameras that, absent a monthly subscription fee, are essentially worthless for storing footage. Exist any options that meet my requirements?

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To configure your Geeni Freebird cameras for continuous recording to MicroSD cards, follow these steps.

  • Insert a microSD card that is compatible with each camera.
  • Launch the Geeni application on your mobile device.
  • Within the app, navigate to the settings for each camera.
  • To allow uninterrupted recording, select ‘Continuous Recording’ or alter the parameters.

Your cameras will continuously record and play back video to your phone until the card is full, and older material will be replaced by new video as needed. This arrangement should fulfil your needs without requiring a cloud subscription.

These cameras are meant to last up to three months on a single charge, however actual battery life can vary depending on usage and settings. Continuous recording may affect battery life, so it’s something to monitor.