Axis 270 degree camera

I was initially considering a PTZ camera for my home, but I’ve read that multiple static cameras might be a better option to cover the same area. My main focus is on monitoring my front and back yards.

While researching fixed CCTV systems, with Reolink as the current frontrunner, I discovered fisheye cameras and their advanced capabilities. I particularly like that some fisheye cameras record the entire field of view, allowing you to zoom in on specific areas as if you had multiple static cameras pointing at different locations. This means you can effectively simulate multiple CCTV cameras within the fisheye’s field of view after the fact.

I’m starting to think that a fisheye camera could meet my needs, but they seem quite pricey. Does anyone have any recommendations on whether this type of camera is suitable for standard residential use, and if so, which models are the best?

Axis provides several camera models capable of offering a 270-degree field of view, including the AXIS M3037-PVE and AXIS P3727-PLE. These cameras are commonly utilized for surveillance purposes in situations where monitoring a wide area is necessary.

However, fisheye cameras seem pricier. Are they really suitable for typical home use? Anyone have recommendations on good models or brands for residential applications?

Are there any key differences between these two Axis models?