Auto Shut Off for Electric Stove?

I am searching for an automatic shut-off solution for an electric stove. I have an elderly family member living alone who has memory issues, so I need a device that can automatically turn off the stove after a set period of time (preferably customizable).

I’ve come across devices like CookStop and iGuardStove, but they cost nearly as much as a new stove ($550 - $650+). Are there any other options I might be overlooking?

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Although it will not turn off the oven, pointing a camera at it is a good idea for the odd ‘did I remember to turn off the oven/stove?’ In addition, a wifi smoke detector (Nest Protect) will inform you if a fire occurs.

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Don’t complain about the price before using the actual device. The two devices you have mentioned, CookStop and iGuardStove, might be expensive but they work perfectly fine.
Therefore do not rush to buy cheap stuff which might not be effective.

Forget fancy stove shut-off devices, they’re pricey! Keep things safe for your family member with simpler options like Load kitchen timers with loud alarms. Set one for cooking time, another for backup. Pick a sound that screams “fire drill” You can also try stick-on knob alarms. They beep like crazy if the stove’s on too long. Easy to use and budget-friendly.