Are there any security cameras that don’t require a constant wifi connection?

Hello fellas I am looking for security cameras that don’t need a constant WiFi connection to operate. Specifically, I am interested in cameras that can run off cellular data. This is for a location where WiFi is not reliable.

Hey, I think you should try buying Lorex. It doesn’t require constant WiFi. Perfectly suited for your situation.
Also just look for cameras that connect to DVR/NVRs they do not require WiFi or any internet connectivity

A few of my Reolink cameras are equipped with solar panels. The data is cheap £4 per month, and they are really helpful.

If you’re seeking security cameras that operate without a constant WiFi connection, consider options like 4G wireless cameras. These use cellular networks and can connect to your phone for remote monitoring. Alternatively, cameras with local storage options, such as SD cards or NVR systems, offer offline recording capabilities. Each solution caters to different needs, ensuring flexibility when WiFi or internet access is unavailable.