Are there any cameras available that don't necessitate involvement with a major corporation?

Okay, so maybe this is a bit of a long shot, but hear me out. Do you guys know of any camera systems out there that don’t make you link up to some huge company’s server? I’m really hoping to find something where I can just hook up a camera to my computer and keep an eye on things or save the footage right there.

Honestly, I’m not super savvy about all this stuff, I just really don’t want to go with one of those Ring or Google setups. If it involves signing some big legal agreement online, count me out.

Any chance one of you knows where I should start looking?

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Consider local storage CCTV systems. Brands like Reolink and Amcrest offer cameras that record directly to a PC or SD card, no big company server needed.

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Yes, consider cameras with local storage options. Brands like Reolink and Amcrest provide systems that store footage directly on microSD cards or network-attached storage, bypassing the need for cloud services.

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@Unclewaffl3s If you prefer a camera system that does not rely on linking up to a company’s server or involves signing extensive online agreements, you might consider looking into self-hosted or locally stored camera systems.


@kelly12 Another option is to explore Network Video Recorders (NVR) systems that are designed for local storage and can be accessed through a web interface.

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Brands like Reolink and Amcrest offer cameras that record directly to a PC or SD card, eliminating the need for a big company server.

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Absolutely, you’re on the right track if you’re looking for simplicity and privacy! Consider standalone security cameras that support local storage—these often allow you to record directly to an SD card or a connected PC without the need for cloud storage or ongoing subscriptions. Brands like Reolink or Amcrest offer robust solutions that don’t require you to link up with big company servers. These systems usually offer straightforward setup processes, and you can manage your recordings locally, which keeps your data private and directly under your control. No need to wade through any dense legal agreements!

That’s a solid tip! Going with Reolink or Amcrest can definitely keep things simple and more under your own control. Love the idea of sidestepping the big server snoops and keeping it local! :movie_camera::+1: