Are there any battery-powered security cameras worth considering?

Hey everyone, I’m looking for advice on battery-powered security cameras. Are there any out there that don’t rely on any cloud connections at all? I’ve been researching with the major brands, but even with local video storage options, it seems you still need to use their app, which involves streaming video through their cloud.

I came across this option that seems to fit the bill, but the reviews aren’t great: [link to Amazon product].

Just to clarify, I understand the limitations of wireless battery cameras. This is for a 90-year-old who needs a simple way to monitor his house where running cables neatly isn’t feasible, not for high-security needs. Appreciate any recommendations you might have.


Reolink’s app operates entirely offline. If devices are unable to access the internet, it will stream footage over the local network.

The Reolink Argus series is battery-powered but cannot connect to an NVR. It only records to an SD card (non-encrypted) that can be viewed through the app.

Note: I haven’t used the Argus cams myself, so someone else might need to confirm whether they work completely offline. You might want to ask in r/reolinkcam for more details.

However, every Reolink camera I’ve installed in the past has functioned offline without issues.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t connect to an NVR; otherwise, it would be ideal.

Trail cameras.

I think that once you set up Eufy cameras, they don’t require any cloud communication because they record on a local “hub”. However, if they don’t have internet access, you’ll lose push notifications and the ability to view them on your phone.