Are there any aesthetically pleasing burglar bars available?

I recently purchased a lovely new house in the suburbs. However, as a single truck driver who is often away from home, I’m quite concerned about the security of my new home. Despite having various security measures in place, such as monitored home security systems, limited mail delivery, and a well-lit, landscaped property, I still worry about potential break-ins.

I’ve implemented many security measures, including leaving my TV on, using light timers, and ensuring all doors are locked. However, I’ve avoided installing burglar bars as I want to maintain the aesthetic appeal of my home.

I’m considering installing security doors, but I’m unsure if they alone will be enough of a deterrent. Are there any modern, contemporary-looking window bars that could serve as both an effective security measure and maintain the appearance of my home?

Additionally, I’m curious about the effectiveness of shatterproof film for windows and if there are any other security methods I should consider.

One of the things about burglar bars is that they keep people in as well as out. You want to get out of the house as quickly as possible in case of a fire. If you leave the burglary bars unlocked, the burglar will be able to enter the house and capture you as well.

Take into consideration safety film, which keeps glass from breaking when hit. You have a rather decent system if you include some deterrent landscaping (spiky plants, thorny shrubs, etc.) and excellent lighting. Finish it off with a reliable company’s insurance coverage.

You don’t have to barricade yourself out of your house. All you want is for your neighbor’s house to appear easier than your own.

Defendoor transparent burglar bars are great as they look beautiful but are really strong and can also be integrated with your alarm system

Yes, there are aesthetically pleasing burglar bars available on the market.

Many modern designs focus on combining functionality with stylish aesthetics to complement the overall look of your home while providing security