Are Lorex home security cameras the best option for easy setup without a subscription?

About 7 years ago, I installed a Costco special Lorex 4-camera system at a relative’s house. It works well for monitoring while in the house, but remote access is unreliable and often fails to connect.

I ran extra Cat5 cables to other parts of the house but didn’t have enough time off work to finish installing the additional cameras. Now, they’re willing to pay me to take time off and install the other 6 cameras. Given the advancements in technology, I’d prefer to upgrade to a better system rather than using the 10-year-old cameras. With a budget of $3-4k for 10 cameras and an NVR/DVR, what are my best options? Ideally, I’d like to include one or two thermal cameras if possible.

That’s great they’re willing to invest in a security upgrade.

The technology has definitely improved since you installed the Lorex system.

While it might be functional for in-home monitoring, the unreliable remote access can be a real drawback these days.