Are Keyless entry door locks safe

Has anyone had any experiences with this lock, good or bad?

Haven’t personally used that lock myself, but I can help you find some info.

What kind of lock is it, and where did you see it? The brand name and model number would be helpful.

Keyless entry door locks are mostly safe because they have good security stuff like codes and fingerprints to keep bad guys out. But, sometimes they can have problems like hackers or if your password is too easy.
Just make sure you use a good lock, change your codes a lot, and turn on extra security stuff if you can to keep your house safe.

I have an experience in using the Keyless entry door lock and generally it has been safe. In addition, the lock offers a level of convenience and security that traditional locks do not.
If you are wondering how I unlock my lock, I use a passcode though it has an option of biometrics and electronic fobs.
Its main advantage is that it uses no physical keys, which can be more difficult for someone to compromise.

However, like any technology, they are not infallible, and their safety can depend on factors such as the quality of the lock, installation, and user practices.
Therefore before opting for any lock, make sure that you do a proper research so that to get a lock which cannot bring you problems later.

Keyless door locks are equipped with several security features that enhance their safety and provide a more secure option compared to traditional lock-and-key systems.