Any advice on how to fix false smoke alarms?

I woke up to a false alarm from my smoke detectors this morning. They also went off twice yesterday afternoon. My house was built in 2019, and this has been happening often lately, so I replaced all my smoke detectors. The new ones are a mix of ionization and photoelectric types and have a sealed 10-year battery. They are interconnected (FirstAlert, while the old ones were Kidde). Since then, they’ve mostly worked well.

I think the issue might be voltage fluctuations in the power lines because my cheap LED bulbs flicker a lot, which suggests “unclean” power. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it? I want the system to be reliable so my kids take the alarms seriously. I have a Honeywell Vista alarm panel and thought about converting the 120V alarms to a low-voltage system that ties into the alarm panel. This might fix the power issues, but it’s not a simple task. What other options do I have?

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To fix false smoke alarms, ensure the detector is free from dust and debris. Check battery connections and replace batteries if needed. Verify the alarm is installed in a suitable location away from steam or cooking fumes. If problems persist, consider replacing the detector or consulting a professional to inspect and address any wiring or sensor issues.

Alarms powered by batteries are a clear choice if power fluctuations are the true cause of the issue. Our three Nest alarms run on batteries, so we just need to replace the batteries every few years. Just make sure you don’t use cheap batteries—use the proper sort, which I believe is lithium.