ADT vs Ring: How do these two champions compare?

Am looking for insights from users with first hand experience before I make a decision

Comparison of ADT and Ring, Leading Home Security Systems


  • ADT necessitates professional installation, accompanied by an installation fee1.
  • Ring provides a DIY installation system, exempt from installation fees1.


  • ADT furnishes 24/7 professional monitoring as an inherent part of their service1.
  • Ring extends optional monitoring, which users can self-monitor or opt for professional monitoring at an additional fee1.

Home Automation:

  • ADT presents advanced home automation options1.
  • Ring facilitates smart home integration, especially with Amazon Alexa1.


  • Both ADT and Ring offer a range of indoor, outdoor, and doorbell camera selections1.

App Ratings:

  • ADT boasts higher app ratings on both iOS (4.5/5) and Android (4.6/5) platforms1.
  • Ring records lower app ratings on both iOS and Android (3.3/5 for each)1.


  • ADT initiates pricing at $28.99/month with upfront costs totaling $3751.
  • Ring’s pricing structure is more budget-friendly, commencing at $3.00/month with upfront costs starting at $59.991.

Money-Back Guarantee:

  • ADT pledges a six-month money-back guarantee1.
  • Ring provides a 30-day money-back guarantee1.


  • ADT typically mandates a 36-month contract commitment1.
  • Ring operates on a month-to-month basis, devoid of long-term contract obligations.