AAA Security system reviews

Hi there!

I’m checking out the smart security system from AAA. As members, we’re eligible for discounts and bundle deals. If we opt for their services, we’d finance the equipment over three years and pay their monthly service fees (around $35). We’re interested in outdoor cameras, sensors, a smart door lock, a smart doorbell, a motion sensor, and the main panel.

I’m curious if anyone has experience with their service and equipment. I know there are pros and cons to everything, like ongoing service fees and equipment potentially becoming outdated. I’m also concerned that some equipment, like the cameras, might not work independently if we stop using their monitoring services.

We definitely want a home security system but are still exploring our options. Any feedback you can share would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

It’s great that you’re researching your options for a home security system.

Choosing the right one can make a big difference. Sharing your experience with AAA and your questions is a smart move. Hopefully someone here can offer some insights