Surveillance cameras that don't need wifi

Is anyone aware of Security cameras that I can use without requiring WIFI or ones that can run of simple data like Celullar data?

It’s true that security cameras that run on cellular data are available; they don’t need Wi-Fi. Seek for solutions with cellular connectivity characteristics, such as Reolink Go, Arlo Go, or Blink XT2. These cameras provide flexible and dependable surveillance, making them appropriate for isolated areas or places without Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wired connections are superior for many reasons, especially when it comes to videocameras. If you’ve ever connected your computer with a big plastic clip, that’s the same technology that powers most videocameras. It allows both power and internet signal to be sent over a single cable.

While it may seem intimidating to figure out and takes some time to set up, it’s incredibly versatile and far better than other options.

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Check out the Lorex and Swann brands. Clips are recorded on a local DVR and then transferred to a USB device. They connect to the internet, yet they don’t require it. Costco sells, as does Amazon. Typically, these are multi-camera, wired packages.